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6-module Online course


Relationships are such a vital part of our lives that we must learn to do them well.  This 6-module course will equip you with the skills to transform all your relationships for the better, forever.  You will learn how to ‘turn’ up better, have better conversations and achieve better outcomes in all your relationships – at home, at work and in life.

The course is designed for individuals to progress through a “self-learn” programme, using a series of short videos.  There are reflection questions and short exercises at the end of each section to help embed the learning.  Each module takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

The first two modules are available instantly on sign up – thereafter, to avoid information overload and allow you time to really process the learnings and begin practicing the habits, we’ll send you subsequent modules one week apart. So, you can expect to complete the course spread out over 4-5 weeks.

Learning Objectives

Taking this course will help you get better at:

  • Understanding how your behaviour impacts other people
  • Respecting different approaches/workstyles and finding strengths in difference
  • Anticipating inevitable conflict, preparing for it and managing it well 
  • Clarifying the people and things that matter most to you and creating healthy boundaries to protect them
  • Having courageous conversations about tough issues when necessary
  • Building rapport and showing value and appreciation in meaningful ways 

These are life-changing skills.  Looking forward to going on the journey with you…

All our best,

Jon & Andrea (Your Course Presenters)



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