The full 4 Habits Course

The Full 4 Habits Course

Can you really get better at relationships?

Yes, you can! After 25+ years working in relationship space, we have observed that ALL successful relationships exhibit 4 simple, yet effective habits.

Not only that, we have observed just how much successful relationships are at the heart of good mental health, personal wellbeing and happy well-functioning communities at home and in the workplace.


So committed are we to sharing what we’ve learned on our journey that we are prepared to give this course away to schools, universities and local community groups. And to make it as accessible as possible for as many as possible, to individuals on a pay-what-you-can basis.

All proceeds go to charity

All our work with schools, universities and community groups is done through our charity Soulmates Academy Foundation.

All the proceeds from this course for individuals will go to that charity to further the work in making these relationship skills available to as many people as possible.

The full 4 Habits Course

The 4 Habits course comes in 6 parts. Each part is around 30-45 mins.

Through the six parts, we’ll explore each of the habits in more detail and how you can put them into practice within your own relationships.

The course is full of practical action tips and will set you up for mastering the habits that ALL successful relationships exhibit. 

The six parts of the course

  1. How can I manage my relationships better?
  2. Developing Habit #1: Learning to manage expectations (yours and others’)
  3. Developing Habit #2: Getting better at handling conflict
  4. Developing Habit #3: Creating healthy boundaries around what matters most
  5. Developing Habit #4: Getting better at showing care
  6. Bringing the Habits to life in your own relationships

This webinar is provided by Soulmates Academy Foundation, a registered charity in England and Wales 1189169.

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The long-awaited book in which you can discover The 4 Habits to all successful relationships.