Becoming intentional by building ‘Will’ & ‘Skill’

Questions for reflection

Taking an honest look at your level of SKILL in living out the 4 Habits, and the impact that has had on the current level of WILL in each relationship, will help explain why you might be experiencing what you’re now experiencing in certain relationships – for better or for worse.

1.  How does The 4 Habits Experience model help explain what you’re experiencing in relationships around you?

2.  Is there a particular relationship you need to work on?

3.  Where would you position your key relationships on The 4 Habits Experience Model? (Feel free to use The 4 Habits Experience Model Positioning Template, below).

4. Why do you position each relationship where you do?

5. Which of the 4 Habits will help you get started on improving the balance in Emotional Bank Accounts (yours and theirs) and move the relationship closer to Mutual Satisfaction?



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